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April 4, 2023

History Before Us with Frederick Murphy

History Before Us with Frederick Murphy
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We all carry the torch, the legacy of those that came before us. History can be complicated with pain, anger, misunderstanding, and appreciation for learning the truth. However, you decided to uncover your legacy is something only you can answer but Frederick Deshun Murphey is providing a platform; a voice for the living, and keeping our ancestors close to his heart that may not have been heard or seen but now with history before us they have a 2nd chance. Frederick shares the valuable life lesson that changed the trajectory of his life.

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Today, Frederick is the founder of History Before Us, LLC, a project centered on capturing, preserving, and advocating for influential history. He was raised in Clarksville, Tennessee, and is a graduate of Tennessee State University & Bethune-Cookman University.

His first film, the award-winning The American South as We Know It, explores the lives of survivors of Jim Crow—the courageous individuals who didn’t make the headlines.

His second documentary, The Other Side of the Coin: Race, Generations & Reconciliation, was released in September of 2020. A collection of experiences and thoughts addressing the complexities of race in America, the film asks, “How do we reconcile for the sake of future generations and humanity?”

Murphy's third installment award-winning Sweet Home Alabama: A Chief and his and his Protégé, was released in 2021. Murphy has been involved in a total of 11 documentary projects.

Frederick is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor and has a master’s degree in Transformative Leadership. He serves on the board of the James K. Polk historic site in Pineville, North Carolina, the Slave Dwelling Project in Charleston, South Carolina, and the Tennessee African American History Research Group located in Clarksville, TN.

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The Uncovered Legacy Podcast is where storytelling is not just left at the kitchen table. Many of us walk through life leaving a silent legacy, but we’re here to change that by keeping those stories alive. Each tale will allow us to learn, discover, listen, and remember.

Join your host, Curtis Burke, for a trip around the world, through the smallest towns, biggest cities, oldest communities, and overlooked cultures. Because no matter where you're from, your part of history deserves to be heard.


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