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April 25, 2023

Remember You Must Evolve with Tauska Trusaun-Kennedy

Remember You Must Evolve with Tauska Trusaun-Kennedy
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Being an interior designer you learn how to start over, rip off the old paint, strip down the walls, and replace broken ceilings to provide a safe space and create new memories. This takes on a deeper meaning for Tauksa Trusaun-Kennedy.


At an early age, she discovered art was an escape for her. As a young girl, Tauska lived with her grandmother who worked as a famous cook for a prominent and wealthy family. The wife of that family loved to redesign her house often and would hire an interior designer to bring her vision to life. This was Tauska’s first experience seeing how interior designers worked and looked. But she wouldn’t step into that world just yet.


Several years later, Tauska experienced an unexpected tragedy after losing her only child. Now in her 40s and not wanting to live anymore, she had nowhere to turn. Tauska sought out a life coach for guidance and would soon find out it was time for a fresh start.


She was encouraged to explore her interest in interior design and at 47, moved to New York City and enrolled in Pratt Institute, an interior design school, and later graduate at the top of her class.


Tauska is a Los Angeles-based principal interior designer, who has been practicing as a professional interior designer for over a decade. She comes from a background in high-end residential, specializing in biophilic design.


Her business, RUME by Tauska, is a dynamic, engaging, and caring design group passionate about the transformative effects of design, always seeking new and sustainable ways to improve environments by adding more appeal with beautiful form and better function.



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