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May 9, 2023

Standing on the Shoulders of Tuskegee Airmen with Fred Patterson

Standing on the Shoulders of Tuskegee Airmen with Fred Patterson
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Growing up in Montgomery, Alabama in the 50s & 60s as a 2nd grader, Fred Patterson remembered seeing white-only and colored water signs. It was an environment of change with protests, riots, and violence against African Americans. Martin Luther King Jr. was just on the rise and a change was coming.


Fred’s dream to become a pilot seemed far-fetched with little mention of black pilots in the industry at that time. It would be a few years down the road while attending Tuskegee University that Fred would be one step closer to living his dream as a pilot.


He would eventually enroll in the air force flight program and later become a commercial airline pilot bringing hope and inspiration to others that they, too, can fly high.


Learn More About Fred:


Fred Patterson was born in Montgomery, Alabama, 75 years ago, and is the oldest of three siblings. He attended G.W. Carver Elementary and High School before attending and graduating from Tuskegee University with a degree in Economics, and receive his Masters in Personnel Management from Michigan University. He is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. and Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity.


Fred was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force and was on Active duty from 1971-77, stationed at Charleston AFB, SC, Flying the C141 aircraft and was even awarded the Air Force commendation medal during his time in the service.


Then, he went on to have a thriving Commercial piloting career, beginning in 1981 as a first officer on the DC9 for Continental Airlines. He spent most of his career as a pilot for FedEx from 1984-2008, as a second officer, first officer, and captain on the Boeing 727, DC10, and MD11, respectively.


Fred is a husband, father of two, and grandfather currently residing in Charleston, SC.


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